This Girl of Mine EP

From the toughened back streets of SE7 comes the gospel soul of rock and roll. After a long twelve year wait the debut EP of Ronnie Ripple and the Ripchords arrives to lend its listening pleasure to everybody’s ears. From the popabilly opener “This Girl of Mine” the band take you on a journey through love, from the gospel yearnings of “Sweet Sensation” and the pleading “I Only Wanna Sin With You” to the dancefloor filler “I got a Feelin” and the EP’s standout track “Love Truce”, the band’s resplendent call to warring couples everywhere.

Have a listen. You might just discover something you never knew you were missing.

All songs written by Ronnie Ripple & the RipChords. Recorded at Studio 99 in Plumstead in the hot, hot summer of 2022.

The players on this recording were Jerry Tosswell (lead vocals), Neil Clasper (Lead Guitar), Matt Dixon (Rhythm Guitar), Mike Dearing (Bass), Tony Dooley (Drums), Mike Westergaard (keyboards and production) and Jonathan Webber (Harmonica). Backing vocals courtesy of the Rabble Choir.

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